Establish an Evacuation Plan

Banner with rain droplets on forefront and the sun peaking through the clouds in the back. The words Establish and Evacuation Route is on it as well.

Nobody wants to think about it but when you live in south Louisiana, preparing for an evacuation before a hurricane is essential to preparing for Hurricane Season. It is best to have an evacuation plan figured out before there is a storm or tropical depression forming.

Storm Guard suggests keeping the following things in mind now so you are prepared for any big storms this year.

Print Out a Map

Most of us rely on our phones or other electronic devices, and that’s good when it comes to navigation because they can update us about traffic, construction or road closures in real-time. The problem comes in if those devices run out of power. If you don’t have a car charger, you should invest in one.

Print out a map so you have a hard copy just in case your device doesn’t have battery power or if service is unavailable or limited.

Make More than One Plan

A storm can move in different directions as it is moving toward land or once it makes landfall. It is good to make several evacuation plans that can get you out of the area of the storm or far enough inland for the storm to weaken. It is also good to plan alternate routes in case an interstate or highway has to close.

Set Up a Rendezvous Point

Sometimes a family can get separated in traffic if you’re split up in multiple cars. Establish a rendezvous point every family member is aware of so you know where to meet up in case of emergency. Contact a family member or friend that lives outside of the storm’s path to see if you can stay with them or make plans for a hotel outside the storm’s path. This also helps your family know where to go if you are separated either in traffic during an evacuation or aren’t together when the order is put in place.

Set Up Emergency Alerts

Sign up for emergency alerts. Different organizations allow people to sign up for emergency alerts to push to their phones by text messages or emails. Alerts help you and your household be more aware of evacuation orders.  It would also be good to have several ways (TV, radio, phone, tablet, etc.) to tune into your local news stations to know if an evacuation is ordered in your area.

If the authorities make an evacuation order, then evacuate with the rest of the members of your household and the necessities. For more information on evacuating from FEMA, look here

Prepare Your House

Earlier during Hurricane Season, we mentioned securing your home for a storm. Part of establishing an evacuation plan should include making sure your home is as secure as possible to handle high winds, excessive rainfall, and potential flooding.

Storm Guard can help by making sure your roof is secure before the storm. We offer free inspections, so we can inspect your roof before a storm to see if it is damaged and in need of repair before a storm comes. If the roof is in good shape we can come back out after the storm — COST FREE — and inspect your roof again to make sure it is still safe and secure for your family.

This can save you money. An inspection before a storm can prove to an insurance adjuster that there was no significant damage before a big storm. If an inspection after a big storm shows damage that wasn’t there previously, the previous inspection proves it is from the storm and not the age of the roof or normal wear and tear.

Contact us today and we can inspect your roof to help prepare your family and home for a storm!