Creating a Family Communication Plan

Communication plan banner with backdrop of rain droplets on glass with sunny behind it.

Being in the middle of Hurricane Season, we’re continuing our series on being prepared. This week’s Hurricane Preparedness Tip is to develop a Family Communication Plan ahead of time. It is important for everyone in your family or household to know how to contact each other in case you get separated during a natural disaster.

Contact information to have on hand

Have a family or friend outside of the projected storm path as an emergency contact. Make sure each family member has his or her updated information in case of an emergency. Including:

  • Phone Number
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Home Address

The social media part of things might sound weird, but it is a good way to get in touch or at least reach out with someone that maybe doesn’t have a working phone but can access the internet. Make sure everyone knows all their passwords! Passwords or numbers saved on your phone won’t help if the battery dies.

It is also helpful to create a paper copy of the phone numbers and information of important people and places like doctors, schools, medical facilities or service providers. Store these in a waterproof container.

Look into multiple forms of communication

Prepare ahead of time for bad cell service, low phone battery and/or emergency contact phones to be overloaded. A few ways to plan around this would be:

  • Invest in more than one cell phone service
  • Prepare to ask for help on social media platforms, email, or text
  • Invest in an external battery charger & waterproof casing

Talk about your communication plan ahead of time

Communication is crucial to keeping you and your family safe in the event of a natural disaster. Putting a plan in place makes it easier if you have to evacuate or get separated for some reason. It is also critical for your kids to know their address and parents’ phone numbers in case they need to get in touch with you.

Also, have a rendezvous point if you do get separated just in case you can’t reach each other. That way everyone can regroup in person if needed. It is best to make sure you have a rendezvous location for different scenarios like in your house, in your neighborhood, in your town, or out of town if you have to evacuate and are not together at that time. 

Preparation is the key to staying safe during this time of year. That’s why it is best to go over all the different scenarios and plan ahead. It’s a lot easier to stay calm and mitigate damage if you’re proactive instead of reactive. Here is a more extensive list on how to create a communication plan. If you’d like to read about building an emergency kit for Hurricane Season, click here.