Dec 16
Banner with background of hail in grass. Title: Identifying and Restoring Hail Damage is in a red box.

Identifying and Restoring Hail Damage

Hail damage is different than most other types of roof damage like wind damage or a tree falling on a building. It’s not as easy to find like a hole in the roof or missing shingles from high winds. Some hail damage is easy to see when the hail becomes the size of golf balls or larger, but, in Louisiana and Mississippi, we don’t get hail that large. However, hail that is even three-quarters […]

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Oct 30
Wind whips trees around in banner image.

What do I do about wind damage?

After big storms or hurricanes, people find missing shingles on the ground in their gutters. Sometimes wind damage isn’t as obvious because the affected shingles either are difficult to see from the ground or aren’t missing so everything looks fine. So we wanted to help you understand how wind can damage your roof, the signs of wind damage on your roof, and what to do if you have roof damage. How can wind damage […]

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Oct 14
Banner of shingles with good granules with the title of the blog post on it.

Missing Granules: The Subtle Sign of a Deteriorating Roof

After a big storm, an easy way to look for any roof damage is to see if any shingles are missing. It’s also easy to spot other obvious signs of roof damage, like a tree or large limb on the roof, leaks, and other glaring signs something is amiss with your home exterior. One of the most important telltale signs of roof damage is shingle granule loss. Missing granules are often overlooked and can […]

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Jul 17
banner that has a background of rain droplets on the camera with the sun breaking through stormy clouds in the background. The words check for leaks is centered on the image.

Checking for Leaks

With it being Hurricane Season in South Louisiana, hard, heavy and prolonged periods of rain are common. All of that rain makes it more common for leaks to show up inside your home or office. Leaks are easier to find during big storms and their damage lasts even if you catch all the water in a bucket. The water can cause significant damage to the ceiling and hide in the walls, especially if its […]

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Jul 10
Picture of sun breaking through clouds after storm. The words Know Your Insurance Policy and Storm Guard are on a red banner going across the middle of the image.

Know Your Insurance Policy

We’ve mentioned insurance policies several times over the last few weeks of Hurricane Season tips and there’s a reason for that. You never know when you’ll need to make a claim. Hurricanes can cause incredible amounts of damage to your home or office building and knowing your policy could save you money in repairs. Here are some key things to look for when reviewing your insurance policy. Know your Deductible Everyone needs to pay […]

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Jul 02
Banner with rain droplets on forefront and the sun peaking through the clouds in the back. The words Establish and Evacuation Route is on it as well.

Establish an Evacuation Plan

Nobody wants to think about it but when you live in south Louisiana, preparing for an evacuation before a hurricane is essential to preparing for Hurricane Season. It is best to have an evacuation plan figured out before there is a storm or tropical depression forming. Storm Guard suggests keeping the following things in mind now so you are prepared for any big storms this year. Print Out a Map Most of us rely […]

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Jun 26
Sun breaking through clouds after a storm with the title of the article, Protect Your Documents on it.

Protect Important Documents

Identification is crucial during a natural disaster. A Hurricane can cause damage to your home that ruins important documents your family needs to navigate the aftermath of the storm. Here are some ways Storm Guard recommends protecting your documents for the storm.  Keep these Documents Safe Photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, student/work ID, etc.) Cash and Credit Cards Personal Records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificate, social security card, etc.) Medical Records (physician’s contact […]

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Jun 18
Header image of window with rain droplets on it with the words, Secure Your Home emblazoned on it.

Secure Your Home

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home. There’s a lot of different facets to feeling secure in your home, but one of the big things to think about is how to make sure your home is secure for a big storm. With Hurricane Season underway, creating a plan to keep your home as secure as possible despite high winds and more rain is critical to feeling secure inside your home during […]

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Jun 11
Communication plan banner with backdrop of rain droplets on glass with sunny behind it.

Creating a Family Communication Plan

Being in the middle of Hurricane Season, we’re continuing our series on being prepared. This week’s Hurricane Preparedness Tip is to develop a Family Communication Plan ahead of time. It is important for everyone in your family or household to know how to contact each other in case you get separated during a natural disaster. Contact information to have on hand Have a family or friend outside of the projected storm path as an […]

by angeldugas
Jun 05

Building an Emergency Kit

  Packing an emergency kit well in advance of a storm is critical to being prepared. It is better to have a kit of the necessities ready to go so that if the National Weather Service issues an alert you’re not left hunting for the things you need for the emergency before the storm comes or you have to evacuate. It is best to get prepared so you can keep stress at bay in […]

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