June, 2020

Jun 26
Sun breaking through clouds after a storm with the title of the article, Protect Your Documents on it.

Protect Important Documents

Identification is crucial during a natural disaster. A Hurricane can cause damage to your home that ruins important documents your family needs to navigate the aftermath of the storm. Here are some ways Storm Guard recommends protecting your documents for the storm.  Keep these Documents Safe Photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, student/work ID, etc.) Cash and Credit Cards Personal Records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificate, social security card, etc.) Medical Records (physician’s contact […]

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Jun 18
Header image of window with rain droplets on it with the words, Secure Your Home emblazoned on it.

Secure Your Home

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home. There’s a lot of different facets to feeling secure in your home, but one of the big things to think about is how to make sure your home is secure for a big storm. With Hurricane Season underway, creating a plan to keep your home as secure as possible despite high winds and more rain is critical to feeling secure inside your home during […]

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Jun 11
Communication plan banner with backdrop of rain droplets on glass with sunny behind it.

Creating a Family Communication Plan

Being in the middle of Hurricane Season, we’re continuing our series on being prepared. This week’s Hurricane Preparedness Tip is to develop a Family Communication Plan ahead of time. It is important for everyone in your family or household to know how to contact each other in case you get separated during a natural disaster. Contact information to have on hand Have a family or friend outside of the projected storm path as an […]

by angeldugas
Jun 05

Building an Emergency Kit

  Packing an emergency kit well in advance of a storm is critical to being prepared. It is better to have a kit of the necessities ready to go so that if the National Weather Service issues an alert you’re not left hunting for the things you need for the emergency before the storm comes or you have to evacuate. It is best to get prepared so you can keep stress at bay in […]

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